¿Why bike tours are the best option to explore a city?

When we travel, we are awared that we do not have unlimited time in every city, based in that, when you choose a bike tour thorugh the city, you can explore 5 times more distance than walking or taking a tour in a bus. When you explore a city in a bike, you can FEEL THE CITY AS IT IS, exploring local zones, eating local food and the most important… SAVING TIME!

Also, we are sure that you will ENJOY AND HAVE MORE FUN! than a bored tour with just information and no more! We travel to discover new places, feel new places and LIVE NEW PLACES!

In Green Bike Tours Medellin, we understand the importance and responsability to take you in our bike city tours, we know what you are looking for, the effort you have made to travel until our city and how much you want to enjoy it!

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